A “Deathbed Story” That Changed the Way We Think About Immunity Forever...

A “Deathbed Story” That
Forever Changed The Way
We Think About Immunity

Well, most people don’t realize this... but there are TWO theories out there about germs and immunity, NOT just one.

The first theory says that germs cause infections—but that doesn’t tell the whole story...

The second theory says, “Yes, germs can attack us”—and that’s not good...

But it’s ONLY really dangerous for those with an immune system that is weakened by unhealthy gut terrain...

This is why, on his deathbed, Louis Pasteur supposedly told a fellow researcher:

“Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

“Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

Why Most Approaches To Building Immunity Fall Painfully Short

The second theory of immunity—which Pasteur admitted was more true—explains how two people can be exposed to EXACTLY the same pathogen...

And yet ONLY ONE actually gets sick...

The difference is usually that the person who stays well has stronger gut health and immunity...

It’s why I’ve literally not gotten the flu, or any other sickness, in 20+ years...

This is despite frequently traveling to India... Southeast Asia (including long trips in Bali and Thailand)... Latin American countries like Mexico... and many more...

That’s pretty much unheard of...

Because I discovered a way to fix the “holes” in my leaky gut using 3 simple nutrients...

Let me walk you through them one-by-one so you can heal your gut and upgrade your immunity...

Gut-Immunity Nutrient #1:

An Immunoglobulin Found in Your Fridge

Forgive me for getting nerdy for a second... but this is essential to sealing any holes in your gut.

Immunoglobulins are a class of proteins which are formed by your immune system in reaction to certain foreign substances.

They are quite frankly some of the most powerful nutrients in existence.

Your body is specifically designed to recognize and USE immunoglobulins to help in the fight against pathogens.

But here’s the REALLY amazing part...

Specific immunoglobulins found in eggs have superpowers—especially when it comes to your gut.

In fact, one study[6] conducted on an egg-based immunoglobulin—called IgY—found mind-blowing results:

Initially, the majority of subjects reported “a decrease in gas and bloating” and “felt more energy”...

Yet the most incredible result of all was the 95% decline in the occurrence of something called Zonulin—which shows up when there is excess intestinal permeability (holes in

the gut lining)...

That means you...

Take This Nutrient, And Up To 95% Of The “Holes” In Your Gut Get Sealed...

Truly amazing.

Plus, subjects saw a 290% decline in gut inflammation—which speaks to how this rare compound delivers further benefits to your immune system, digestion, and more.

Now, you *could* definitely get more of this nutrient by eating more egg yolks—but there’s a problem...

These egg-based immunoglobulins are very sensitive to heat — so cooking up some delicious eggs isn’t that helpful...

Plus, to get enough of these immunoglobulins to actually repair gut lining and for them to pass through your entire gastric environment, with all of the acids it produces...

These immunoglobulins need to be attached to special sugars so they can reach your gut lining fully intact.

More on this in a moment...

Gut-Immunity Nutrient #2:

Rare “Repairing” Probiotic Strains

Once the lining in your gut is no longer excessively “permeable” (riddled with holes)... you’re ready for the next step.

Years and years of gut issues have left most people with a very toxic imbalance of bad microbes relative to the good guys.

And in this altered environment, where food tends to rot and putrefy more, the problem tends to get worse with time...

Luckily, in my work with thousands of clients and follow-up research with our team...

We uncovered the EXACT probiotic strains needed to kickstart this repopulation process...

This way, your gut lining is filled with all the good bacteria needed to help you build super immunity...

This includes:

“The Immunity Super Strain” -

Lactobacillus rhamnosus

— which is a probiotic bacteria native to your gut, but hard to find in food sources... and not common in other probiotic supplements.

The early research on Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is pretty incredible:

  • In one study[7], orally administered Lactobacillus rhamnosus modulates the respiratory immune response triggered by the pathogens...
  • A study by doctors in Finland[8] found that it directly helps activate immune response in the gut...
  • Another study[9] found that Lactobacillus rhamnosus is critical for rebuilding damaged gut health...

“The Great Gut Rebuilder” -

Lactobacillus gasseri

— a probiotic that helps the body by suppressing harmful bacteria, which, in turn, enhances immune function and aids in digestion.

This is another essential strain for rebuilding your gut-immunity connection and early research is beyond impressive:

  • In a study published in the Academic Press Journal[10], the researchers found that Lactobacillus gasseri potentiates immune response against infection.
  • Initial animal studies[11] have found that Lactobacillus gasseri inhibits tissue inflammation and intestinal permeability —making it powerful in the gut-rebuilding process.
  • And when scientists in Korea studied this strain[12], they found that it reduced inches around the waist and hips in human subjects.

“The Anti-Pathogen Protector” -

Lactobacillus helveticus

— a type of lactic acid bacteria, naturally found in the gut, shown to enhance protection against pathogens and modulate immune responses.

This is the third and final probiotic strain ESSENTIAL to the gut-rebuilding process:

  • A study published in the journal Nutrition[13] found that Lactobacillus helveticus significantly improved immune response in elderly people...
  • Another study[14] published in the Frontier Journal of Microbiology showed that Lactobacillus helveticus was able to induce immune response and exert a protective effect against Salmonella Typhimurium and E. coli...
  • And finally, a study published in the American Society for Microbiology[15] showed how Lactobacillus helveticus works with a protein in your body to modulate and properly stimulate innate immunity...

I think you see how this works...

You seal the gut with immunoglobulins... then you repair and rebuild your gut bacteria with these immunity-boosting strains...

And you’re well on your way to super immunity... there’s just one step left:

Gut-Immunity Nutrient #3:

Feed the Good guys starve the bad guys with Powerful Prebiotics

The last step is simply to add prebiotics—which are nutrients/fuel for your friendly bacteria—to accelerate the regrowth and rebuilding process.

Unfortunately, not all prebiotics are created equally... so you need to be careful which ones you incorporate. Science says these are most effective:

Inulin - a naturally occurring polysaccharide sugar produced by many types of plants, which cannot be absorbed as a carbohydrate, and instead feeds friendly bacteria in your gut.

Inulin has some very impressive research behind it:

One study on inulin[16] (and its fermentation metabolites) found that it boosted gut barrier and immune function of porcine intestinal epithelial cells...

A study published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition[17] found that Inulin prebiotics directly helped modulate immunity function in humans...

And just like the probiotic strains we covered a moment ago, a study[18] found that inulin can help with weight management and ectopic fat with subjects who have blood sugar issues...

Now, there are even more prebiotics you could add to this mix—but this is a great start.

Especially because this 1-2-3 combination goes beyond just restoring your gut-immunity connection.

It helps activate ALL FOUR critical pathways necessary for “super immunity.”


By Maximizing Your 3 Immune System Pathways

The secret you’re about to discover goes beyond vitamin C, elderberry, silver, turmeric and other popular solutions... by activating NOT ONE...NOT TWO...
But THREE critical pathways to super immunity... immunity... starting with the #1 most overlooked source of virtually ALL immune system problems—YOUR GUT...

Why Settle for One Immunity Pathway When You Could ACTIVATE ALL 3?

You’ve probably seen more “immunity solutions” in recent months than all the other years of your life combined.

Solutions like vitamin C... colloidal silver... elderberry... zinc... and many others.

Nothing against any of these nutrients; they can be great to take.

But these immunity “solutions” also have limits because they:

  • FIRST, they do NOT address the ROOT CAUSE of weak immunity , which lies in your gut permeability and balance... AND...
  • And SECOND, they ONLY activate ONE of the major pathways to immune response...

The three shortcut nutrient steps you’ve just discovered, on the other hand, activate all three pathways and thereby help build what I like to call “super immunity.”

This includes:

Boost your gut biome’s ability to kill pathogens.

Studies have shown[19] that healthy gut lining is teeming with good bacteria that form a stable community of protection.

One role of these “protectors” is to resist and kill invading, non-native bacteria and other pathogens.

Upgrade your gut biome’s overall immunity-boosting power.

A study published in the Journal Microbes found that a healthy gut, one that is not overly permeable and has the right balance of bacteria, helps maintain “immune homeostasis.”

This means it helps you naturally regulate overall immune response throughout the entire body — something other solutions cannot do because they don’t directly address the gut-immunity connection.

Unleash beneficial immunoglobulins into your blood.

This last pathway is perhaps the most powerful, especially when it comes to foreign pathogens.

Earlier, you learned that immunoglobulins are Y shaped molecules that play a direct role in defending against “bad guys.”

Immunoglobulins are found in the openings through which outside organisms can enter your body, as well as blood and lymph fluids.

That makes them the first line of defense against invading organisms like viruses and bacteria.

How Immunoglobulins in the Blood Can Take Out “Bad Guys”

Immunoglobulin antibodies (1) dock with the “spike” proteins on the outside of pathogens (2)

This makes them unable to dock with host cells (C).

The tails of antibodies (3) signal phagocytes, immune system cells to spring into action.

The phagocytes then digest the invader (4) and keep you safe.

Clearly, the presence of immunoglobulins is one of the most powerful things you can ever do for your immune system.

And in one study[20], egg-based immunoglobulins target the 26 most human-relevant pathogens that disrupt gut health.

The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Address the ROOT CAUSE of Weak Immunity...

Seal the gut... replenish the right probiotic balance... feed the good guys...

That’s all you need to do in order to restore gut integrity AND supercharge your immunity, including all four critical pathways.

Now, you could try to round up all of these nutrients for yourself...

But finding the most powerful immunoglobulins... the right probiotic sources (which can vary massively in quality)... even the right prebiotics...

Well, all that could take you MANY MONTHS of research and likely hundreds or even thousands of dollars in research, shipping, and trial and error

And even then, you still wouldn’t know the optimum levels... ratios...

Plus how to get all of these delicate “living” nutrients past the ruthless gatekeeper that is your stomach acid...

Luckily, our research team at BiOptimizers has already done all of that for you.

We’ve isolated the best source of immunoglobulins (including a rare patented form)... the best 3 probiotic strains and sources... even world-class prebiotics you’d never get in your diet or another gut formula...

And then put everything into a simple, delicious formula you can drink each day to accomplish this 3-step process.


Biome Breakthrough®

Biome Breakthrough is the ONLY formula that can repair compromised gut-lining... help it rebuild with the right probiotics and prebiotics... and activate the four critical pathways to super immunity.

Biome Breakthrough can help:

Reduce intestinal permeability

Speed up metabolism

Enhance immunity response

Eliminate gas and bloating

Improve digestion & elimination

Increase nutrient absorption

Raise your energy levels

And much, much more

It includes:

IgY Max® - The World’s ONLY Patented Egg-based Immunoglobulin

Made with specifically immunized egg powder, IgY Max® presents a new approach to restoring a healthy gut balance by targeting unfriendly or “bad bacteria” in the digestive tract.

Study after study shows that IgY Max® is THE most potent immunoglobulin compound in existence.

And as you learned earlier, IgY Max®—unlike any other probiotic or gut health solution on the market—has real human research [21] showing it can help reduce intestinal permeability by up to 95%.

This makes it one of the most powerful gut nutrients EVER discovered... and you can see why it’s patented.

But it gets even better—because research shows it can also help with:

Reversing the gut and probiotic-damage caused by certain antibiotics[22] . IgY Max® is a potent recovery nutrient for those who may have their flora disrupted by antibiotic usage.

Another study demonstrates that egg-based immunoglobulin compounds like IgY Max®[23] can help with gastrointestinal conditions and other immunity threats.

And if you have a pet with gastrointestinal issues—a growing problem among cats and dogs in particular—IgY Max®[24] has been shown to be both safe and effective in helping your pet’s recovery

Clearly, IgY Max® alone is a breakthrough nutrient with the potential to transform gut health and immunity—all by itself.

But we wanted to make this the best gut-immunity formula ever created and added even more to it, including:

3 of the Most Powerful Gut-Immunity Enhancing Probiotic Strains Ever Discovered—in Single Every Bottle

Now, you’ve already seen the studies behind the three essential probiotic strains needed to rebuild your gut balance... and why they’re hard to find in food or supplements.

Our team developed a way to culture these probiotics in exactly the right ratio needed to speed up the gut-repair process...

And to optimize the ratio of good-to-bad bacteria in your gut.

With each serving of Biome Breakthrough, you get:

Lactobacillus rhamnosus

- is a probiotic strain native to the human gut, which can assist in recovery from gastrointestinal issues and create overall gut balance.

  • L. rhamnosus may prevent gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea, particularly in children. In one study, it was also shown[25] to reduce the risk of acquiring gastrointestinal infections when administered daily in hospitalized children.
  • Consumption of L. rhamnosus reduced the occurrence of respiratory illness in children attending day care centers [26].
  • Children receiving L. rhamnosus probiotics had fewer days with respiratory symptoms per month than the children in the control group[27].
  • L. rhamnosus was shown to protect hospitalized patients against ventilator-associated pneumonia , mainly when caused by a specific pathogen[28].
Lactobacillus gasseri

- is a probiotic that recently gained in popularity due to reports of weight loss and decreased blood sugar. As you’ll see from the science, it also has profound implications for gut health and immunity. Look at this research:

  • L. gasseri significantly decreased BMI, abdominal visceral fat, waist and hip circumferences, and body fat mass in 210 healthy Japanese adults , with an 8.5% decline in abdominal fat area over twelve weeks[29].
  • L. gasseri prevented abdominal fat accumulation[30] and decreases body weight in adults with obese tendencies[31].
  • L. gasseri enhanced immunity in the elderly. This probiotic can increase the number of T cells[32].
  • Last but not least, L. gasseri beneficially modified the microbiota (gut flora), increasing Bifidobacteria and decreasing Clostridium in human subjects[33]
Lactobacillus helveticus

- is becoming increasingly recognized as an essential, health-promoting probiotic that can help bring about favorable gut balance.

  • In a study of 39 athletes, L. helveticus supplementation significantly shortened the duration and decreased the number of symptoms of upper respiratory tract illness and increased their sense of vigor [34].
  • L. helveticus may positively affect the host gut microbiome composition — Administration of L. helveticus to 3 healthy human subjects resulted in a significant increase in butyrate, beneficial for gut homeostasis[35].
  • And lastly, scientists found that milk fermented with L. helveticus may enhance specific and nonspecific immunity[36].
3 Potent Prebiotics to 
Accelerate Gut Recovery

To complete phase three of the gut-rebuilding process, we’ve included several of the most well-researched and effective prebiotics (compounds proven to feed friendly bacteria in your gut).

This includes:

“Nature’s #1 Prebiotic” -


- a type of soluble fiber found in a variety of plants, which cannot be digested or absorbed by the human gut[37].

Inulin is basically food for bifidobacteria probiotics—and stimulates their growth and activity.

This basically helps your gut perform critical functions, including:

  • produce acetic acid and lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the colon and prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the gut[38].
  • stimulate the immune system[39].
  • increase the production of B vitamins[40], such as folate, B12, thiamine, and niacin.

“The Prebiotic Super Sugar” -


- another prebiotic sugar, D-ribose is involved in producing energy in the body. It is so important and scientists believe it to be a structural part of DNA and RNA.

  • D-ribose, together with adenine, makes the adenosine molecule of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main storage and transportation unit of energy[41].
  • Studies show D-ribose can boost mitochondrial (cellular energy) function[42], which is critical for healthy immune response.
  • It may even boost your ability to workout and burn fat, with researchers seeing enhanced power output and lower perceived exertion during exercise when participants took 10 grams per day of D-ribose compared to a placebo [43].

“The Miracle Fiber” -

aka VitaFiber™ IMO

- is a delicious-tasting, better-for-you, lower calorie, natural sweetener that also provides a good source of prebiotics for improved digestive health.

  • According to this research paper published at ClinicalTrials.gov—there are a number of published studies (in humans and animals) regarding the health benefits of VitaFiber™ IMO as an effective prebiotic, noted for improving overall human gastric health[44].
  • Because of its delicious and naturally sweet taste, this allows us to keep Biome Breakthrough low in carbohydrates — with minimal stevia or other sweeteners.

In fact...

You’ll Be Shocked By How Good Biome Breakthrough Tastes...

Because Biome Breakthrough contains IgY Max®, probiotics, and prebiotics—you might be tempted to think it won’t taste all that great.

But you’d be WRONG... because the truth is, Biome Breakthrough is one of the best-tasting superfood supplements ever formulated.

Do you remember when you were a kid and your Mom would make cake?

If you ever tasted the uncooked cake better... which was sweet... creamy... and flavorful... well, that’s a LOT how Biome Breakthrough tastes.

Most people use Biome Breakthrough in the morning, to boost gut health and provide steady energy.

It can be added to coffee for a Bulletproof style beverage (with delicious frothiness) provided the coffee is not blistering hot—or you risk killing the probiotics.

Launching in Two Delicious Flavors (Vegetarian - with Egg - and Chocolate - for Carnivores)

The vanilla flavor of Biome Breakthrough contains all of the nutrients you’ve learned about here.

It features a smooth, creamy, delicious vanilla flavor that is delicious all by itself with water—but also goes well in any shake or smoothie... and even latte-style drinks that are not overly hot.

This vanilla version is suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans, due to the egg-based IgY Max®.)

If you’re NOT vegetarian, you have an additional option and even more benefits... as the chocolate version contains both collagen and bone broth —to further help fortify gut health.

A recent study[45] found that collagen peptides were able to prevent further breakdown of the intestinal lining.

And as a natural source of glutamine and gelatin, bone broth can help maintain the integrity of the gut mucosa and intestinal barrier[46].

Biome Breakthrough Is So Effective, We UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE It —No Questions Asked—for 365 Full Days

We understand you might be skeptical.

Will correcting leaky gut issues and transforming gut health REALLY boost immunity and things like energy or metabolism that much?

Well, it’s pretty clear beyond my own personal story... or Dr. O’Brien’s experience with hundreds of “hopeless” patients...

... that even big-time research institutions like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other elite institutions are finally making the link between gut health and immunity.

Biome Breakthrough is the best way to speed the transformation of your gut microbiome... it simply works.

And by the time you read this, it will have already changed the lives of thousands of people.

Plus, our company—BiOptimizers—has been in business for 15 full years. We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will do what we say they do.

And to make sure you have plenty of time to give our product a fair shot and make your decision, we’re giving you 365 days to decide.

If you are not completely satisfied with your BiOptimizers product for any reason between today and 365 days from now, just send back your remaining unopened bottles of the product and we'll give you a full refund (minus the cost of shipping and handling). If you open a second bottle, you no longer qualify for any guarantee. Reach out to our customer happiness team and they will take complete care of it.

Just contact us, let us know where we could be better, and we will refund you every penny you paid, even the shipping cost. No questions asked.

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What People Say About Fixing Their Leaky Gut

“i feel wonderful!”

In 2001 my girlfriend had been going through a difficult time. She had lost her father and a sister in the same year and was traveling 300 miles every other weekend to be with her mother. She was worn out and depressed. I sent her two cans of this formula—because I had experienced relief from severe joint pain when I started taking it. She also had back pain and, after about 10 days we were IM’ing over the internet and she told me that she didn’t think it was doing anything for her (back pain). That was on a Thursday evening. The following day she left to see her mother and we didn’t communicate until that Sunday.

When she came on the internet that Sunday night her first words were, “Dan, you’re not going to believe this… but I FEEL WONDERFUL!” She couldn’t explain it, but just all of a sudden she felt good and was out of her depression. This surprised me… I had sent her this formula for back pain and not only did it help that but it also had a very positive effect on her state of mind.

Daniel Berry, AR

“Day-to-Day Feeling of Well-Being... Especially in My Gut!”

I recently had an operation for a detached retina and the retina specialist remarked on how quickly it was healing. I can’t help but believe that my ‘this formula strong’ immune system had something to do with it. My sight isn’t perfect in my left eye but at least my retina is attached!

I think what I like most about this formula is the general, day to day feeling of well-being, especially in my gut. I never really had digestion issues (or any health issues for that matter) but it seems that since taking this formula, everything in there seems to be much more efficient. I have regular movements, I rarely feel bloated or gassy (I don’t drink much and have never smoked, but I do like to eat!), and I rarely get sick. If I feel the flu coming on, I just stop and rest and take a little extra this formula.


“More Energy and Able to Deal with Stress Better!”

I have been using this formula for almost 10 months now. I sprinkle the powder on my salads when I make one, I also put some in smoothies either from scratch in my vita-mix or Silks protein and juice drink. I also mix some in small fruit and yogurt cups. I have been sleeping better, have more energy and able to deal with stress better, since using it. I also give it to our pets. The vet wanted to know why our cocker spaniel dog Tonka doesn’t get ear infections because it's unusual for long eared dogs not to get ear infections. I told her that it’s because of this formula.

Kathy Thera, FL

“What a Wonderful Thing an Immune System in Balance Is!”

As an RN, I can assure you this nutrient is the safest, across the board for all ages, best supplement I have ever found!!! Yes, and I do research everything I come across!!!

I’ve already told some of my story about this formula and the amazing health benefits I’ve seen by giving it to patients, friends and family but this happened recently, and I wanted to share this story about my 86 year old aunt. She has been a diabetic for 21 years and has been on oral medication. I encouraged her to take this formula and even though she was inconsistent taking it (1 serving a day) her overall health improved. Recently her blood chemistry took a turn for the worse (e.g. hemoglobin A1C- 8.7) and the doctor was considering putting her on insulin. I confronted her and got her to take 1-2 servings of this formula 2x per day faithfully. She did and her A1C blood marker came down to a normal 6.7 within a short period of time. THAT IS AMAZING! I know this formula does not cure anything but what a wonderful thing an immune system in balance is. OK, I might as well tell you this as well. My mom started on this formula 8 years ago, when she was 85, and has had only 2 colds since. She is now 93 years young. I love this stuff.

Charlene Kelley, KY

“Almost Complete Recovery of Her Memory and Speech...”

This testimonial was shared with me by a lady who reported her mother having total paralysis right side, loss of memory, and unintelligible speech as a result of a stroke in May 2000. According to Gail, she started her mother on the active ingredient in this formula in October, some 5 months later, and after boosting her dosage of this natural supplement to twice the maintenance dose, prior to Christmas, her mother went from being wheelchair bound to a walker to a 4 pronged cane to a cane to no cane along with almost complete recovery of her memory and speech.

Dr. Bob

“After Three Weeks Of Taking The Shakes I Noticed I Was Sleeping, I Had More Energy And My Joints Felt More Healthy And Flexible.”

I am 63 years old, and as a child and young adult, my parents struggled emotionally and financially with my illnesses. I saw doctor after doctor and none of them could help me. I remember complaining to my doctor that I was so tired all the time. In my 40’s, my joints were not as flexible as they used to be. In March of 2001, my husband heard of this formula and ordered it for me to try. I was very negative, but he insisted, he made me the shakes and stood over me until I drank them. After three weeks of taking the shakes I noticed I was sleeping, I had more energy and my joints felt more healthy and flexible. I thank God for this formula!

Michael Boomer, AR

Roughly a Dollar Per Day to Rapidly Transform Your Gut, Energy, Metabolism —and Activate Super Immunity

Yes, Biome Breakthrough contains the exact nutrients you need at each phase of the gut repair process...

So that you can reverse any damage and upgrade your immunity... eliminate gas and bloating... multiply your energy... even burn fat faster...

As you learned earlier, most probiotics won’t do all that much until you actually correct leaky gut...

And most immunity solutions will at most activate one or two pathways...

Yet because Biome Breakthrough repairs gut health AND activates the 4 critical pathways of immunity... it is not only more effective, it’s also more AFFORDABLE than other probiotic or immunity solutions.

Especially because, when you take advantage of our bundle pricing, you can get a month’s supply for less than $1.50 per day.

Given everything you’ve learned about gut health, immunity, energy and metabolism... I can’t think of a $1.50 better spent.

Use Biome Breakthrough to Beat the Root Causes of Gut Issues and Weak Immunity

No matter what diet you’re on...

No matter what your health goals or dreams…

…chances are, you can benefit from fixing excess “permeability” or holes in your gut.

You’ve seen all the reasons why trying to build immunity the normal way is like trying to build a house with a single hammer and box of nails...

When in reality, your immunity needs ALL of the tools and pathways — which can ONLY be activated by having a healthy gut...

Now, it’s time to move forward.

Biome Breakthrough has incredible value, considering it’s one of the most transformative supplements any human being can take.

This is why we worked so hard, researching the purest, most potent source of nutrients in each phase... from the patented IgYMax immunoglobulin... to essential probiotic strains... to the world’s most potent prebiotics.

This is a 1-2-3 combo that powerfully transforms your gut... and for the first time it’s available to you at this amazingly low price.

Save and get started with Biome Breakthrough using any button on this page.

Your immunity, your energy, your digestion... even your metabolism, body fat...

Indeed EVERY cell in your body... will thank you for it.

Wade Lightheart

P.S. If you’re still not convinced of the power of Biome Breakthrough, just look at all of these studies (screenshots below)—covering each and every one of the gut-rebuilding ingredients we’ve referenced in this letter and more:

Neither flavor is vegan

Vanilla is vegetarian(contains egg).

Chocolate is carnivore-friendly (bone broth and collagen).

1 Jar Of Chocolate Biome Breakthrough

(1 x 150gram per jar)

Retail Price:


per jar

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3 Jars Of Chocolate Biome Breakthrough

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1 Jar Of Vanilla Biome Breakthrough

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5 Jars Of Vanilla Biome Breakthrough

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[1] https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/research/advancements-in-research/fundamentals/in-depth/the-gut-where-bacteria-and-immune-system-meet

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